Ribblesdale Hotel Blackburn

We were contacted and asked to quote for the removal and refurbishment of the existing plaster frescoes located in the apex of the building

This involved a careful removal of the existing frescoes and transporting to our workshop for our craftsmen to start the remodelling process

Once back at our workshop our craftsmen started the painstaking work of carefully removing layers of gloss paint,and then by hand remodelling all the enrichments on the fresco

Once the frescoes had been removed we discovered that they were made out of fibrous plaster and screwed to a substrate of lead

All the enrichments re modelled now the fresco is ready for a silicone mould to be made

The fresco was now encased in silicone and the material was left for several days to set and become a flexible workable material

New frames had to be constructed to carry the new frescoes giving support and allowing for brass screws for the fixing of the frescoes to the lead substrates

New frescoes could now be cast from the new silicone mould

The new fresco now re fixed into the apex of the building

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